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The original version of this FAQ portrait of the Global Business Dialogue was published as a special issue of the newsletter Global Positions in July 2005 and is available here as a pdf at FAQ 2005. A full revised edition will be published this fall. What follows here is an interim snapshot, which we hope will be useful to GBD members and to others interested in this organization.

The Questions
There are 23 question in all. Here they are with links to the answers:

  1. What is GBD?
  2. Is There a GBD Focus?
  3. Who are the Members?
  4. What is the Mission?
  5. Does GBD Take Positions?
  6. Can the Staff Express Opinions?
  7. What Role Do GBD Events Play?
  8. What are the GBD Web Sites?
  9. What are the TTALK Quotes?
  10. What is The GBD Notebook?
  11. Is GBD an NGO?
  12. Is GBD a Non-Profit?
  13. Who Manages GBD's Business Relationships?
  14. Is there a GBD Board?
  15. What is the Link Between GBD and GBD, Inc.?
  16. Membership, Can Anyone Join?
  17. Are there Different Levels of Membership?
  18. What Do Basic Members Get?
  19. What Do Higher Level Members Get?
  20. What Does Membership Cost?
  21. What Does GBD Look Like?
  22. How Can I Join?
  23. What If I Have More Questions?

1: What Is The Global Business Dialogue?

That is a large, philosophical question with lots of practical answers. We will deal with the philosophical part here and answer the practical details in response to other questions. GBD was conceived as a business organization for the 21st Century and launched in the spring of 2000. It is a membership organization that exists to serve its members and others in the global business community.

At the heart of the global business community are the men and women around the world who produce the goods and services the world needs to thrive and grow. For GBD, the global business community also includes those law firms, scholars, and citizens who are involved with the global economy, the companies that make it up, and the politicians and other officials who craft and administer the laws, and regulations that frame and guide it.

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