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2: Is There A GBD Focus?

A: Yes.  All of the work of the Global Business Dialogue relates to global trade and investment, and almost all of it relates to the constantly evolving policies of governments that affect these economic activities. During the past ten years, most of GBD’s activities have dealt with: a) negotiations in the World Trade Organization; b) bilateral and regional trade agreements; or with c) other topics.

These topics have included  U.S. visa policy, the relief work for the 2004 tsunami, the evolution of China’s legal system, and, more recently, the responses to the economic crisis that began in 2008, including the Buy American provisions in the U.S. stimulus bill.

Q3: Who Are the Members?
A: Today, there about 70 members of the Global Business Dialogue. They include major business organizations from Canada, India, Japan, and the United States; global companies; embassies, law firms and others. This is a drop from 2008, as GBD has lost members as a consequence of the recession, budget cuts in major corporations, and other recent developments. We are rebuilding. A list of current members can be found at Current Members.

Q4: What is the GBD Mission?
A: Specifically, GBD’s mission is to bring to the public discussion of trade and investment the perspectives of GBD members and others who are involved in and affected by these processes. More broadly, it is to serve the global business community and to help its members identify and respond to issues of concern to companies, governments and communities.

Q5: Does GBD Take Positions?
A: No. Neither the staff nor any member of the Global Business Dialogue is empowered to speak for the collective membership of the Global Business Dialogue. Rather, GBD activities are founded on the belief that a rich public dialogue on economic issues is central to the development of policies that will enhance business opportunities and improve the quality of life throughout the global economy.

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