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Q6: Can The Staff Express Opinions?
A: Yes. The staff of the Global Business Dialogue is free to participate in the general public discussion of trade policy and the global economy. They do so primarily through through the (Almost) Daily TTALK Quotes, through letters and editorials in GBD publications, and occasionally in speeches. Any opinion expressed in a GBD publication or by a member of the GBD staff is that of the author or others as attributed.

GBD is an organization in which both the members and the staff speak for themselves.
It has no formal collective views.

Q7: What Role Do GBD Events Play?
A: Public meetings – GBD Colloquiums – have been central to the GBD work program from the beginning.  Most of these are 90-minute programs focusing on particular aspects of trade and investment, though occasionally GBD organizes much larger events. Recent programs have dealt with China’s Industrial Policy and the Trade Laws, Cap and Trade, the Doha Round, and new Buy American provisions in U.S. law.  

Over the years, speakers at GBD events have included Mrs. Anson Chan of Hong Kong, former EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy, India’s former Commerce Secretary S.N. Menon,  the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the Ranking member, respectively Senator Max Baucus (D MT) and Senator Charles Grassley (R IA).

Not all GBD events are in Washington. GBD organized events for the global business community at the WTO Ministerials in Doha, 2001, in Cancún,  2003, and in Hong Kong, 2005. GBD has also organized events at the WTO’s Public Forum in Geneva.

Q8: What are the GBD Web Sites?
A: There are two GBD websites: This one,, and its companion site, are tools for accomplishing that task, two of them anyway. On this site,, you will find:

ON GBDINC.ORG You will find:

  • How to Join,
  • A List of Members,
  • This FAQ portrait of GBD,
  • Other Background materials on GBD, notably the GBD price list.
  • The GBD calendar,
  • A List of Past GBD Events, and
  • Contact Information.


  • TTALK Quotes from the Global Business Dialogue. These are published (almost) daily from January through the end of July weekly from August 1 through Labor Day;
  • GBD Event Notices. These are notices for upcoming events. Information on completed events is published on
  • The GBD Notebook, the newsletter of the Global Business Dialogue, and
  • Flyers for Upcoming GBD Events. In addition, TTALK.BIZ also contains
  • Policy Pages on selected issues, including the Doha Round, the Food Crisis, and Buy National legislation.


The two sites are cross-linked and regularly updated.

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