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Q18: What Do Basic Members Get?
A: The benefits of a Basic Membership include:

  • Admission  to All of GBD Public Program. These events — 12 to 20 a year — span the gamut from breakfast meetings to full conferences, all on issues of international trade and investment;

  • Invitations to Members Only Lunches and other Special Events;

  • Newsletter. Subscription to the GBD Notebook, newsletters of the Global Business Dialogue. 

  • Issues. Participation in the development of GBD programs and publications;

  • Help with questions of trade and investment policy where we can, as a practical matter, provide it; and

  • Daily TTALK Quotes on trade and investment, available on and sent directly to your inbox.Q19.

Q 19: What at the Higher Levels?
A: The benefits increase as one moves up the membership ladder. A full price list, complete with a discussion of benefits at each level, is available upon request. In a nutshell, there are some special benefits for GBD Patrons and Sponsors. However, because GBD is in the business of fostering the public discussion of trade and investment policies, there is relatively little of GBD’s work that is not accessible in some fashion to all members.

Q20: What Does Membership Cost?
A: The price for one year's Basic Membership is $800. It's the best bargain in trade policy.

Q21: How Can I join?
A: Lots of ways. You can:

  • Fill out the enrollment form on this Join Flyer and mail it to GBD;

  • Sign up here at  Just click Join GBD and follow the prompts; or

  • Call the Global Business Dialogue at (202) 463-5074 and let us take your order over the phone. Q22.

Q 22: What Does GBD Look Like?
That’s a hard one. We will try to provide to provide an answer on the In Pictures page of this site.
This page is only a place holder now, but pictures will be posted soon.

Q23:What If I Have More Questions?
A: If you do, we want to hear them. Call us at (202) 463-5074 or send an email to Thank you.

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